Our trusted training includes:
-Windows tablet
-Administrative and Interactive Training Content Software
-Handbook Collection

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If you have a ControlLogix in your plant...

this great product is for your maintenance personnel.

The Understanding, Maintaining and Troubleshooting ControlLogix Systems Training Series contains 10 modules which cover the most critical and fundamental ControlLogix skills that every maintenance technician needs to know, resulting in more efficient and effective troubleshooting and increased business competitiveness. 


This training program was designed specifically for Maintenance personnel to sharpen their troubleshooting skills in a ControlLogix environment. This is the most complete and comprehensive training program on the undertstanding and troubleshooting of a ControlLogix system, a series that provides practical instructional material and real-life assessments.


Just one troubleshooting solution of the many presented in the program can help your employees save several tens of thousands of dollars in downtime to the plant.

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and start reaping the benefits of this great ControlLogix Training

How Comprehensive?

With hours of HD video content, over 1000 Review and Final Exam questions, hands on interactive ARM(TM) review feedback, full color workbooks for notetaking, and a simple to use all-in-one device, this is the most comprehensive training material in the market.


A technician would have to take a 10-day in-class training course to receive comparable amount of information. Plus with ours...


...Employees can do their training anytime, anywhere.

...And they can review the program again anytime.

Whether you're trying to...

• minimize risk • increase safety •

• promote human capital • train new employees • improve collaborative troubleshooting  • or simply optimize your workflow •


... this program is the solution to your ControlLogix maintenance needs! 


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