Your Personal Company Training Portal
The Training Portal Tablet introductory price is $4956 and has a license for one-year at your plant. Optional subsequent years are at a discounted price (if not keep the tablet).


All Inclusive for As Many Users As You Want
The license allows you to train as many current as well as future (onboarding) maintenance personnel as you'd like, so that all can troubleshoot a ControlLogix system properly and save company money.

The Tablet Portal includes detachable keyboard, Stylus Pencil, 32G Mini SD back-up card, protective case, and power supply. The Portal is preloaded with the Student and Administrative Training Portal Software and the ControlLogix training content.

Each Module has its own comprehensive handbook

Inclusive with the Tablet Portal are also 10 comprehensive handbooks, one for each Module, with a total of 1280+ pages and over 450 Review Questions. All illustrations, Studio 5000 software diagrams, and pictures are shown in full color. These sewn-bound Handbooks are made of recyclable materials and printed using nature sensitive soy ink. These handbooks are packed in a handsome Handbook Collection Slip Case, a definite reference tool to keep on hand.


Your employees will use this powerful reference over and over. These handbooks are not just printed matter, these handbooks are a "tool of work". During the training they can write notes and comments in the handbooks relating to pertinent equipment in the plant and troubleshooting approaches. A great reference tool. Additional Handbook Collection sets are available at $48.60 per handbook ($486 for the complete 10-set collection in a protective slip case).

Compare to Other Options...


This program on the ControlLogix is the "best" proven training in the market. Compare it to going to a week training off-plant premises or out of town, not only travel expenses, a whole week out of work from the battle field (who is covering for your warrior?), and at a class fee cost of close to $3000 per employee...and if lucky you will receive a copy of the Power Points that were used in the class...and hopefully all is not forgotten after two weeks...because there is no replay button. Our program is simply best.


Your maintenance personnel will learn with this portal, and if needed they can always go back to is a great tool to always have.

If For Some Reason Does Not Work For You...
...if in 30 days you find it is not for you, send it back for full refund, no questions asked.


Module 1

Introduction to the ControlLogix—General Structure, Number Systems, and Basics of Boolean Logic

Module 2

ControlLogix Hardware Composition, I/O Structure and Architecture—Introduction to Tags

Module 3

Navigating the Studio 5000 Software and Creating, Opening and Understanding Projects

Module 4

Connecting to the Controller—Establishing RSLinx Connection to the Network

Module 5

ControlLogix Project Organization and Frequently Used Tag Structures

Module 6

Troubleshooting Ladder DiagramLogic in the ControlLogix System

Module 7

Creating and Editing Tags and Code—Documenting Troubleshooting Changes

Module 8

Troubleshooting Using the Studio 5000 Software—Using I/O Forcing and Toggling Functions

Module 9

Troubleshooting ControlLogix Hardware—Discrete and Analog I/O

Module 10

Troubleshooting Remote I/O, Controller and Power Supply—Using the Trend and Compare Tools to Troubleshoot