NOTE: The size and resolution of the demo files have been reduced for proper web delivery and fitting on most computers and mobile devices. The actual HD resolution of the program for the Tablet Portal is 3000x2000. The time portions for the demo are shown in parenthesis.


Module 1
Introduction to the ControlLogix—General Structure, Number Systems, and Basics of Boolean Logic

Lesson 3-Standard PLC Operation (4:21)
Lesson 7-Logic Concepts and Principles of Boolean Algebra (2:54)

Module 2
ControlLogix Hardware Composition, I/O Structure and Architecture—Introduction to Tags

Lesson 3-I/O Modules 
Lesson 4-I/O Module Placement and Configuration (5:04)

Module 3
Navigating the Studio 5000 Software and Creating, Opening and Understanding Projects

Lesson 1-Introduction to Studio 5000 Software (4:23)
Lesson 9-Adding More I/O Modules (5:57)

Module 4
Connecting to the Controller—Establishing RSLinx Connection to the Network

Lesson 1-Connecting to the Controller (3:55)
Lesson 5-Downloading a Project and Going Online (4:53)

Module 5
ControlLogix Project Organization and Frequently Used Tag Structures

Lesson 2-Program Order of Execution 
Lesson 5-Routines and Subroutines—Important Concepts to Know During Troubleshooting (4:53)

Module 6
Troubleshooting Ladder Diagram Logic in the ControlLogix System

Lesson 3-Programming a Normally Closed Input Device 
Lesson 7-Troubleshooting Using Program Control Instructions (4:35)

Module 7
Creating and Editing Tags and Code—Documenting Troubleshooting Changes

Lesson 3-Tags Monitoring and Editing (3:46)
Lesson 4-Editing Code Online During Troubleshooting (5:01)

Module 8
Troubleshooting Using the Studio 5000 Software—Using I/O Forcing and Toggling Functions
Lesson 2-Using Searching Tools—Cross Reference 
Lesson 4-Troubleshooting Using I/O Forcing and Toggling (4:36)

Module 9
Troubleshooting ControlLogix Hardware—Discrete and Analog I/O

Lesson 2-Troubleshooting Ownership Problems (4:46)
Lesson 6-Analog I/O Configuration Considerations (4:49)

Module 10
Troubleshooting Remote I/O, Controller and Power Supply—Using the Trend and Compare Tools to Troubleshoot

Lesson 2-Troubleshooting Controller Problems—Faults (4:18)
Lesson 7-Troubleshooting Using the Compare Tool (4:19)