Complete Training

With content designed for maintenance personnel to better undertsand and troubleshoot a ControlLogix systems, this full and complete comprehensive training series includes..


• Over 17,000 graphics, high-definition Studio 5000 software visuals and multi-media.

• A Handbook Collection with one handbook for each module—over 1280 combined pages—all in full color. 

• Over 1,000 total Review and Final Exam Questions with ARM(TM) (Automatic Reinforcement Mode).

Practical and Real Life

All examples, questions and how-to-do presentations relate to real life troubleshooting situations. What to do and what not to do, and how to prevent problems while maintaining safety first.

Complementary Support to OSHA

Because of the electrical nature of our training programs, they also help complement and support the employee's training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1090.332 and ISO 9000 Section 4.18 regulation.

Reinforced Training


All of our Review and Final Exam Questions reinforce the topics being covered. They present solutions to potential troubleshooting scenario problems, and their solutions and best practices.


Review Questions

After each lesson, several interactive Review Questions are presented where the student is tested on the information presented in the lesson. Each of these review questions provide ARM(TM) feedback to reinforce what has been learned.


Final Exam

A 20-question randomly selected Final Exam is included in each program presentation. The student may choose to take it right after viewing the program or may want to review more of the printed materials and then take the Final Exam at another time. The default passing score is 70 and can be changed by the administrator if desired.


We know PLCs... We know training

When the student achieves the passing scores for all ten modules, a Certificate of Completion can be issued.