Our training is anytime, anywhere.

Consistent content delivery. Review whenever needed.

A New Paradigm in Course Delivery

The ControlLogix program is delivered via a powerful 12.3' Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet (includes detachable keyboard, stylus pen and earphones) that forms your company's personal ControlLogix Training Portal in High Definition resolution.


At the heart of the Training Portal is our proprietary built in interactive software which makes the user's experience incredibly easy and seamless. Not only easy for a technician learner to launch the training, but the system is also incredibly simple for the administrator — one touch and wallah... there you have the administrative report!


Can the plant really afford for your maintenance people to be out for a whole week?

Secure & Off-Grid

No Internet communication, no connection to your company's network, no DVDs, no CD-ROMs...the Training Portal has all built-in, keeping all your info and connections safe and secure. And best of all, the system is completely portable. A simple one second 'activation' through WiFi sets up the system, and from then it can remain off-grid - the Training Portal keeps all data and storage internal to the system.


How Many People?

You can have as many people in your plant as you would like go through the training program. There are no limitations to the number of Learners you can have.


Simple to Use Training Portal

To register employee learners...just give them the Tablet Portal, and they can self-register in less than a minute. Or they can be assigned courses by an adminstrator as needed, its as easy as just a few clicks.

For an employee learner to open the training...simply login and click to launch the program. From there they can watch the instructional videos, answer interactive Review questions with ARM(TM), and complete the Final Exam. Their current place and answers are saved when they exit.

To view employees' progress...just sign in as administrator and see how everyone is doing. The administrator's portal is clear and simple, with learner's listed alongside their Assigned Courses, Completion status and Final Exam scores.


Our easy set-up gives you more time, and accessing the dynamic content portal is a breeze! For Learners and Administrators alike, this Training Portal is your simple and easy to use solution.



Click here for 1 1/2-minute Student Registration Demo is that simple


Click here to see a 1 1/2-minute Administrator Demo is that easy.