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ControlLogix Online Training For Individuals Who Really Want To Learn

ITV Now Brings You ControlLogix Training Online!

Online training specially designed for Maintenance Personnel responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting a ControlLogix system in your plant.

This is the most complete and comprehensive online training program for understanding and troubleshooting of a ControlLogix system, a series that provides practical instructional material and real-life assessments.

With a Harvard-designed user friendly interface.

$1290 per user

Includes downloadable handbooks.

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Practical and Real Life 

All examples, questions and how-to-do presentations relate to real life troubleshooting situations.


What to do and what not to do, and how to prevent problems while maintaining safety first.



— In-depth visual and written content, with over 17,000 graphics, HD Studio 5000 software visual explanations, and HD video recorded multi-media

— Over 1,000 total Review and Final Exam Questions with interactive ARM(TM)

— Skills and progress assessment

— Complementary support to OSHA

Prepare your personnel.

Benefit from this training immediately

Employees can do their training anytime, anywhere.
And they can review the program again anytime.

This training results in:

- More efficient and effective troubleshooting
- Increased business competitiveness
- Improve technician skills and SAFETY
- Cost savings

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Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate as proof of your accomplishment. 

This certification can be a valuable addition to your professional credentials, enhancing your portfolio.

   10 Modules Covering All You Need To Know To Troubleshoot ControlLogix Systems

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Module 1

Introduction to the ControlLogix—General Structure, Number Systems, and Basics of Boolean Logic


Preview (2:54)

Module 2

ControlLogix Hardware Composition, I/O Structure and Architecture—Introduction to Tags


Preview (4:19)

Module 3
Navigating the Studio 5000 Software and Creating, Opening and Understanding Projects


Preview (4:23)

Module 4
Connecting to the Controller—Establishing RSLinx Connection to the Network


Preview (3:55)

Module 5
ControlLogix Project Organization and Frequently Used Tag Structures


Preview (4:53)

Module 6

Troubleshooting Ladder Diagram Logic in the ControlLogix System


Preview (5:51)

Module 7

Creating and Editing Tags and Code—Documenting Troubleshooting Changes


Preview (5:01)

Module 8
Troubleshooting Using the Studio 5000 Software—Using I/O Forcing and Toggling Functions


Preview (4:42)

Module 9

Troubleshooting ControlLogix Hardware—Discrete and Analog I/O


Preview (4:49)

Module 10

Troubleshooting Remote I/O, Controller and Power Supply—Using the Trend and Compare Tools to Troubleshoot


Preview (4:18)

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